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Drew Carson was born and grew up in the West side of Scotland and currently resides in the south of Glasgow. He has previously written about how he overcame health problems and a closed depressed life to become happy and to find the love of his life in his memoir Who Am I which is available on Amazon for $0.99 in the States and £0.99 in the UK. Drew has also written for the screen with 19 episodes of Caverns, a Canadian web series which ran from early 2002 until 2004. Drew's debut novel will be available from early 2017 and is a modern fantasy set in Scotland featuring magic, mayhem and creatures from his dark imagination so look out for that in the new year. 

Drew is also a podcaster helming his show The Drew Carson Show which features guests from the world of entertainment, sport, current affairs and beyond. Drew has also appeared on mutliple other podcasts as a guest himself promoting his book and generally talking a lot of whatnot.

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